Title:  Senior Software Engineer (Corporate Technology)


Hyderabad, TG, IN Gurugram, HR, IN Bengaluru, KA, IN



We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our Corporate Technology team. You will be involved in planning, designing, and implementing various applications and infrastructure used by our staff. Strong focus will be on developing and managing applications built with cloud native and serverless technologies leveraging AWS Services.

The ideal candidate is an excellent software developer with experience in cloud-based tech and a firm understanding of how to solve business needs using emerging technologies with emphasis on building applications that are cost friendly and support zero-touch operations. You will be part of a small impactful team who will own the full stack of the applications and infrastructure they build and existing SaaS products and infrastructure they support.

What You'll Need

•    4+ years of solid software development skills, with a proven track record in developing quality software solutions and passion for technology
•    Proficient with writing and reviewing Python and other object-oriented language(s) are a plus
•    Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
•    Experience in at least one programming language with Python, Java, Shell, PowerShell preferred in that order
•    Experience with Infrastructure as code tools like AWS CloudFormation/AWS Cloud Development Kit/Terraform
•    Experience in having written and deployed code that runs in a production service in the Cloud and have demonstrated knowledge in DevOps and DevSecOps
•    Hands on experience in several of the following areas – Object oriented programming skills, designing RESTful web services, NoSQL database design, AWS Cloud services, containerized microservices using Docker and Kubernetes, CI/CD pipeline
•    Experience in cloud native and/or serverless architecture, Slack apps, and AWS certifications are a plus
•    Familiarity with networking fundamentals
•    We are a global team, so excellent communication skills (both verbal and written) are critical as well as flexibility to work with team members in other time zones.

What You'll Do

•    Build integrations with third party SaaS applications that will include custom user provisioning, SSO, automation for migrating data and custom integrations with other applications
•    Build, enhance and support serverless applications that use AWS Services like Lambda, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, APIGateway, CloudWatch
•    Use AWS Cloud Development Kit as the infrastructure-as-code tool to ensure the infrastructure is deployed alongside code with minimal to no handholding required for deployment.
•    Write good code, catch bugs, and style issues in code reviews, ship small features independently
•    Participate in all aspects of the software development life cycle for AWS solutions, including planning, requirements, development, testing, and quality assurance
•    Ensure the applications have optimal observability, monitoring and alerts that help identity the problems before they affect business productivity
•    Employ exceptional problem-solving skills to troubleshoot incidents, identify root cause, fix and document problems, and implement preventive measures
•    You may also be involved in supporting our existing Corporate Tech applications and infrastructure like – Azure, AD, M365, Slack, Outlook/Exchange, AWS Workspaces/desktop infrastructure and other enterprise SaaS products



Arcesium and its affiliates do not discriminate in employment matters on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, pregnancy, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other category protected by law. Note that for us, this is more than just a legal boilerplate. We are genuinely committed to these principles, which form an important part of our corporate culture, and are eager to hear from extraordinarily well qualified individuals having a wide range of backgrounds and personal characteristics.