Title:  Enterprise Engineer


New York, NY, US


Position Summary

Arcesium seeks an experienced, curious and highly motivated Enterprise Engineer to join our Technology team. This person will focus on designing, deploying, and integrating technology to support the productivity, security, and growth of Arcesium’s global staff. 


- Work with key stakeholders in the business to identify areas where technology can be effectively employed to reduce toil and increase productivity
- Develop automation to manage the underlying infrastructure to support these technologies which can include AWS Services, Windows, and Linux servers
- Design, deploy, and integrate technologies to facilitate a flexible on-prem and remote hybrid global work environment 
- Manage and support a global Active Directory deployment
- Manage and support Office365 including key products such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive
- Configure and support SSO configurations with third party cloud platforms using ADFS


- The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of experience as a full time Systems Administrator or Systems Engineer in a mid-to-large corporate environment and have a strong academic background in computer science or another related major 
- This person will be working with both business and technical users so having broad experience in dealing with different departments and end users would be advantageous 
- They must possess exceptional verbal and written communication skills and have a demonstrable history of devising flexible and innovative solutions to handle the demands of a modern, fast moving work force 
- They must be proficient in at least one programming language with both PowerShell and Python being preferred and Office365 experience is a must
- AWS experience is a big plus, and experience in large scale desktop and server management is also desirable